2013 - Present / Rosetta Marketing - Senior Designer

I work as a part of the Video Motion Graphics team at Rosetta. We had a wide range of clients and types of work. My main work consists of image compositing and editing, web design and production, icon and illustration, and occasional print pieces. My responsibilities include: design, art direction, oversight, and resource management for my team.

2013 / iii Design - Freelance Graphic Design

I worked as a freelance designer, work included: creating identity systems, brochure design, and packaging.

2011 - 2013 / Poor But Sexy Inc. - Graphic Design

I worked as an in-house graphic designer which included design of menus, sign painting, fliers, and other promotional print pieces.


I am a full-time designer at Rosetta Marketing, a Publicis Group Agency in San Luis Obispo, Ca.  I like fitness, cats, neutral colors, and minimalism. When I'm not working, I'm camping, doing aerial silks, baking, or watching 30 Rock. I like to take on small freelance projects when I can.


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